Ok, so i’ve started this site as a method of recording and critically evaluating my own progress throughout the duration of my MA studies. This site will effectively serve as a ‘reflective journal’ amongst other things, where my intentions are to post sketch sheets, visuals and all other related work; allowing me to, almost assess my own development relative to where it was on the previous post giving a clear timeline of my own progression. For more information and to navigate through the site, use the menu at the top of the page.


It is necessary for me to plan my time very well in order to keep on top of everything and achieve what I want to achieve to the best possible standard. I’ve come up with a basic structure for the three semesters that will help to do this. Now this plan isn’t exactly set in stone and is absolutely subject to change through discussion, debate and feedback with colleagues and tutors. so here goes;

Semester one – I have already decided to focus on speaker design owing partially to the fact that I am a self confessed audiophile and have a huge interest in the design of audio and entertainment equipment. This first semester which runs through until january 2015 will consist of frequent sketch activities hoping to increase quality and the speed at which I work, while a lot of the sketch work will focus on loudspeaker and associated equipment I may sidetrack a little into other areas. Alongside the sketching activity i will undertake a detailed research activity into the technical aspects behind speaker design, looking into effects of enclosure design, sound dispersion, user experience etc. The end result being a detailed research book complete with a hefty concept generation package.

Semester two – The activities undertaken in semester one should set me up perfectly for semester two, the technical detail will be present in the form of the research book which will be added to through findings in semester two. While the sketch package will have increased the efficiency with which i work greatly increasing productivity in semester two, the sketch package may have also sparked off some initial ideas which can be taken through to development. Through semester two the research element will continue in the form of practical testing and the application of theories discovered in semester one, practical testing may include prototyping of initial designs in an effort to prove findings. The sketch package will take a more detailed form with higher resolution sketches and the introduction of more ‘explanatory’ sketches to focus on communication through sketch techniques.

Semester three – By this stage all research should be nearing completion in the form of one of the most detailed books about speaker design ever written (perhaps a little ambitious, but thats the aim). This research will have heavily influenced the design of a number of solutions for a variety of uses. This semester will focus on creating stunning visuals and presentation models to further develop skills that will have been touched on earlier in the year but not explored to this extent. The final outcome should take the form of a range of products which have been detailed to perfection with the technical backing to assure their performance.

To summarise, the three semesters will aim to develop a variety of skills, with the primary goal of developing visualising skills and improving my own ‘eye for detail’, which will improve my ability to style products and make them visually appealing to whoever the target audience may be.




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